In Hitching The A1 filmmakers Gary Mcquiggin and Onyeka Igwe give themselves the challenge of getting from London to Edinburgh along the ancient Roman road with only their thumbs to guide them. Hitching being something of a dying art, the pair find most of their time is spent in a limbo of service stations and gazing at the vast pylons that chase them. The drivers who are more game, however, offer insight into a country with a forever shifting landscape. The camera is guided more by serendipity than design, but the filmmakers' curiosity and obvious interest in the personal legacies of big society give the film a burning focus.
Directed by Gary McQuiggin
Shot by Onyeka Igwe
Edited by Katharine Janes
Voice over by Arthur Sloman
Sound design by Peter Warnock
Graphics by Michael Davies
Music by Gary McQuiggin & Reflektionss

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